Online Dating Tips: 4 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Finding a Date

We’ve all heard at least a couple of stories about happy couples who have found their significant other on an online dating site. While it’s very encouraging to know that online dating does work for many people, sometimes it seems that it works for everyone but us – and that can be devastating.

Although meeting the right person usually comes randomly – even in online dating, one simple truth can’t be ignored: the success of your online dating adventure heavily depends on your online dating profile.

Your profile is who you are on the dating site. It represents your personality and investing some time and thought into improving your profile always pays off.

Here are several certain ways of improving your profile on an online dating site, and making it more attractive.

  1. Ditch the Sunglasses

Do you have a profile photo where you’ve got your face-obscuring sunglasses on? Surely you think they make you look cool and stylish, but reality is different. Wearing sunglasses makes you look like you’re hiding something and no one wants to deal with a secretive person on the internet.

  1. Stop Being Overly Specific About What Kind of a Partner You Want

While it’s absolutely good to know exactly what you do or don’t want in a partner, being overly specific about everything is intimidating. It also makes you look closed-minded and that’s never a good thing. Write a brief description of the kind of person you’d like to meet, don’t go into details. Talk about the details once you’ve made contact with a potential date.

  1. Bragging is A Turn-Off

Remember “Beauty and the Beast”? Remember Gaston? No one wants a Gaston.

  1. Internet Slang Overload Needs To Go

LOLs and OMGs are awesome when texting a friend or a date, once you get to know them well. But, stuffing your online dating profile with internet slang makes you look silly and chances are you won’t be taking seriously.


Photo: Pixabay