Can You Find a Keeper Through Online Dating Sites?

Can you find a keeper through online dating? Can you find the love of your life, your ‘significant other’, the one that stays with you forever?

Thousands of people use online dating to find hookups, temporary relationships that lead nowhere, and/or one-night stands. This is undeniable – we all have that one friend that finds most of his short-term flings on dating sites.

But, what about long-term relationships, can you get one of those?

Indeed, you can. All you need to do is take the right path and have the right approach. Here’s how to do this:

Always Remember Your Mission

First and foremost, you need to accept the fact that finding a long-term relationship through online dating is going to take some time. You are going to need to sort out through a whole bunch of people, and we all know we need to have a decent conversation with a person so we can decide if they’re right for us. We also know that decent conversations take more than a few minutes. Multiply that by the number of people you will probably need to talk to, and you’ll get the idea.


Chances are you are going to stumble upon some good looking people who are looking for something less serious. Don’t fall into this trap. They might be pretty looking but you guys aren’t on the same page. They aren’t ready for a commitment and you won’t make them change their mind. Don’t let anyone convince you that you’re a silly romantic for wanting something serious. You aren’t. Move along.

Read Other People’s Descriptions

When asked to describe yourself on a dating site, take your time to think about it for a while. When you’re looking for a steady relationship, you will make the effort to describe yourself properly.

The same goes for other people. Those who don’t want to invest time in describing who they are and what they’re looking for – won’t spend much time or make effort with the people on that dating site. They aren’t there looking for a long-term relationship. They probably won’t read your description, either. In most cases, all they WILL be looking at are photos – and this clearly tells you they aren’t in it for the long run.

Pay attention to people with filled profiles. Read what they had to say about themselves. Pay attention to the words they use and simply analyze their profile according to how they’ve presented themselves. If you find their writing rude, or maybe sloppy, or dishonest, you may expect their effort to be exactly that; rude, sloppy, and dishonest.

Message A LOT

Never agree to a date right away. Take your time and talk to your potential date, find out what kind of a person you are dealing with. Ask them about things that interest you: what they like to do; where would they take you on a date; what kind of man/women are they into, etc. Ask them how their weekend went, or ask them about their favorite movie character.

This is not about being a tease. This is about creating a sort of intimacy you will never have if you go straight on a first date with a complete stranger. You will both be at ease since you’ve already learned a bit out one another, and you will be able to have a relaxed conversation.

If You Aren’t Having Fun – It’s Time to Go

The second you stop having fun with someone, stop giving them your attention. This seems harsh and harsh it is. But put yourself first here. Whether you’re looking for marriage material or just a fling, not having fun should not be an option. You simply can’t afford that. You need someone you will always have fun with, plain and simple.

Set standards for yourself and don’t settle for less than you deserve. You deserve fun! You deserve to be amused and charmed by your date. Lowering your standards and staying with someone even though they bore you to death won’t lead to happiness.

Finding a keeper on online dating sites is not science fiction. It’s quite possible, but you need to play it smart and avoid all the traps along the way. Enjoy your quest and never give up!

Photo: Flickr