Benefits And Risks Of Using HSV Dating Sites

People with HSV often turn to dating sites created specifically for HSV singles. This is probably the best choice one can make, but let’s take a look at all the benefits and potential risks of joining HSV singles dating sites.

The Talk is less stressful

Probably the worst moment of any starting relationship is having The Talk and telling your new partner you are HSV positive. Disclosing your herpes status might lead to your starting relationship’s demise and all HSV positive people know this. When you join an online dating site for HSV singles, The Talk won’t be so dreadful. You already know that the other person most probably has herpes too, so when the moment for talking about it comes, you will be more relaxed because the other person understands you. They too have had The Talk in many occasions before, so they know exactly how you feel. You can be more open and share experiences and opinions, and you won’t feel weird about it, nor will you fear the person you like is going to run away after you talk about herpes.

You can finally be honest from the start

Many people who have herpes decide not to tell their partners about HSV until it’s too late. Now, you might think this doesn’t happen a lot, but in fact, many people have sex with their partners several times, they fall in love and the relationship takes a good path – before they even mention HSV.  They don’t have the courage to do it because they fear they will lose their partner. Unfortunately, losing the partner is often inevitable in these cases, even though they’ve developed feelings. When you keep something like this a secret, people feel crossed, and their trust gets ruined. No matter how loving and compassionate a person might be, discovering that the one they care about has lied to them and put them to risk without ever telling them ultimately leads to a break up. When dating someone you’ve met on a HSV singles website, you can finally be completely honest from the very beginning.

You will build self-confidence

If you are newly diagnosed, and don’t really know anyone else who is HSV +, these niche dating sites will be perfect for you because they will give you a chance to meet some really wonderful people. So many people with herpes think they are all alone. In fact, herpes affects all sorts of people and the stigma of being shameful, promiscuous, or “dirty” is completely unreasonable. Statistically speaking, herpes affects at least 1 in 4 women, and there is no way in the world that every 4th woman on this planet is promiscuous or “dirty”. Once you meet so many different people who are affected by herpes, just as you are, once you get to know the community, you will build up your own self-confidence.

Small pool of fish

If you choose to date only within the herpes online dating sites, you might find out there aren’t as much options as there would be on a regular dating site which isn’t niche oriented. You will limit yourself to a number of potential dates who would otherwise be interested in dating you, regardless of your herpes. Of course, there will always be the risk of rejection and this is why so many people turn to niche dating websites where the pool indeed is small, but at least they feel safe and comfortable.

Getting way too comfortable

This happens a lot: people with herpes tend to stay in bad relationships just because their partner also has herpes. If you go on a herpes dating site, and you start a relationship with someone there, and eventually things start falling apart, you might feel the community is too small for you to date yet another person from that same website. There really is no need for this. Keep an open mind and never stay in a bad relationship. People tend to stick around, no matter if the relationship goes bad, and they do it because they fear another rejection. It is very wrong to find a sanctuary in the fact the other person is infected too, and to hold on to that person for as long as you can, no matter what. At the end of the day, if you’ve decided to only date people from HSV dating sites, it doesn’t mean you can only date one person.